CAD Reader Add-on

Visualize your existing CAD data as a powerful simulation with the help of our CAD Reader Add-on.

Build on top of your existing CAD data

You don’t need to redesign your component models even if you switch to our 3D simulation products. In addition to the natively supported formats, the CAD Reader Add-on allows you to import your data from all major CAD formats.

Currently supported formats

The following formats are natively included in our products and require no additional CAD reader license. Please note that some formats are product specific.

Name Version Extension
3D Studio (*.3ds)
ASCII Point Cloud file (*.xyz, *.pts, *.xyzrgb) (available only in 3DAutomate)
ASCII Stereo lithography file (*.stl)
Autocad >= 2013 (*.dwg, *.dxf2, *.dgn) (3DRealize/3DRealizeR support only dxf)
Binary point cloud (*.bxyz) (available only in 3DAutomate)
Binary stereo lithography file (*.stl)
Deneb part files R8-R14
Igrip/Quest/VNC geometry (*.pdb, *.*)
RobFace r4 (*.rf)
Sketchup file (*.skp)
STEP 203 E1/E2, AP214, AP242 (*.stp, *.step, *.stp.z) (standard in 3DAutomate, other products require CAD Reader license)
VRML 1 file (*.vrml, *.wrl)
VRML 2 file (*.vrml, *.wrl)

Additionally available CAD readers

CAD Readers are available in a variety of formats. Check out which one fits your needs.

Name Version Extension
ACIS Up to R23 *.sat, *.sab
Autodesk Inventor Up to 2016 *.iam, *.ipt
CATIA V4 Up to 4.2.5 *.model, *.dlv, *.exp, *.session
CATIA V5 R4 to V5-6R2015 *CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.cgr
CATIA V6 2011 – 2013 *.3DXML
Creo™ Parametric/Pro/Engineer® Up to Parametric 3.0, Pro 5.0, Engineer R13 to Creo2 *.prt, *.asm, *.neu
I-DEAS/Siemens PLM Software’s NX™ Up to 13.x (NX5), NX I-deas 6 *.arc
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) IFC2x Editions 2, 3, and 4 *.ifc, *.ifczip
IGES 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 *igs, *.iges
JT Up to 10.0 *.jt
Parasolid Up to v27.0 *.x_t
Solid Edge V19 to V20, ST to ST7 *.psm, *.par, *.asm
DS SolidWorks Up to 2015 *.sldprt, *.sldasm
STEP AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214 and 242 *.stp
Siemens PLM-NX (Unigraphics) Unigraphics 11 to NX9 *.ugprt, *.ugasm
VDA-FS 1.0 and 2.0 *.vda
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