Using Visual Components to sell your manufacturing planning project to management

Blog | January 19, 2017

Last week sucked. You didn’t hit the production target because two forklifts that should have been operating were under repair. The problem was spotted in your area, so you are the one to blame.

Making changes to an operational production line is a challenge for most manufacturing engineers. You want to figure out the best and safest fix to the problem. But how do you do this quickly without holding up production? And how can you make management and the rest of your team confident in your solution?

That’s one of the best benefits of 3D manufacturing simulation software. It let’s you quickly test variations in your production line in the virtual world first, and see how those affect other processes. Then, you can present your solution in a clear, easy to understand format. Here are 4 ways Visual Components software can help you manage a fire drill:


With Visual Components software, you can easily configure a functional layout in minutes. Drag and drop components from the Visual Components library directly into the 3D world, run the simulation, and watch how the processes flow.


With 3D manufacturing simulation software, you can evaluate your hypotheses and visualize how changes impact production. Let’s say you decide to replace forklifts with workers. With Visual Components software, you can simulate how many workers on each shift are required to move pallets in order to get the desired outcome.


Whether you need to know the throughput of a line, the utilization of certain equipment, or the capacity of the entire factory – with Visual Components software, it’s easy to collect statistical data of your production. This data can also be easily exported in Microsoft Excel or CSV formats for further evaluation.


Once you have a game plan, present your solution to management and your team with confidence. With Visual Components software, you can easily create marketing grade content for your big meetings, including HD videos, high-quality graphics, and 2D drawings.

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