As our entry level tool, 3DRealize is the perfect gateway for realizing the possibilities of 3D simulation.


Accelerate your sales with 3DRealize

Know exactly the kind of production line you want to create, but need an impressive way to visualize your idea? Traditionally you would enlist the help of a layout designer and spend hours on getting things right. That’s all in the past though, as 3DRealize allows you to instantly go from a layout in your head to a superb simulation on your screen.

With a catalogue of thousands of ready-made components, you can just drag and drop the elements you want on a production line and be done in minutes. The icing on the cake is seeing the impressed faces of your client as you present your fully functional production line as a 3D PDF.

Visual Components makes sales meetings way more effective with a quick way to visualize our solutions in detail.

Kyösti Soini, Director – Electronics Business Line, JOT Automation LTd

Over 1000 components at your disposal

The main reason behind the simplicity of 3DRealize is the vast component library that carries components from leading manufacturers around the world. Choose the robots, belts and elements you need and create the perfect production line simulation.

Once you are done, just press play and see your factory come to life. Forget about contacting layout planners or designers – any errors are easy to spot and quickly fixed. Editing the plan is so simple that you can even complete the customer’s change requests on the spot.

And best of all? The full library is at your disposal without any extra costs.

Drag & drop, click & change

A large library of components is only useful as long as the components are easy to use. That’s why 3DRealize is armed with a simple user interface. Just drag the components you like and they will automatically snap together to form a functional production line.

Adjusting the parameters of a component is also easy. There’s no need for programming skills, just click on a component to customize the figures.

Exceed your customers’ expectations

There’s a big difference between a static model and a 3D simulation. Not only does 3D simulation make the creation of layouts faster, it also helps you better communicate your vision.

3DRealize allows you to export and share your plan as an interactive 3D PDF that your customer can freely explore and evaluate using the familiar Adobe® Acrobat Reader®.

Prepare to spend a lot less time planning layouts and a lot more time closing deals.

There is a huge difference between a layout in the usual PDF format compared to a 3D PDF. The client can zoom into any detail in the layout and, more importantly, they can actually see the plan in action!

Mika Laitinen, Sales Manager – Robotics, Fastems

Summary of the benefits of 3DRealize

  • Support sales proposals with realistic 3D simulation
  • Simulate your solution to proof functionalities
  • Change the layout quickly and show different options to your customers
  • Share animated 3D PDF files